About Us

About Pradeep Sahajwani Classes

" Education is the movement from darkness to light "

Pradeep Sahajwani Classes was started by Mr. Pradeep Sahajwani in 2000 with a goal of making strong base of student in maths and science with its each year of excellent results, the no. of student started to increase gradually to attain quality education and best results.

"Education is the movement from darkness to light", To define this movement we were having " Ashish Sahajwani Sir " who was very devoted towards the future of student. His excellent knowledge of maths and reasoning nurtures the student. To overcome from the phobia of examination. He also used to give psychological counselling to our students.

This institute provides each and every student with all over preparation of competitive exams like NTSE, NSTSE, IMO,NSO and School Exams. Our students go through a unique process of evolution with human values, discipline, determination, dedication, Empowering the knowledge and competitive Skills. With a background of 16 years of experience, faith and excellence PSC today contributes towards high standards of education. We build up a solid foundation of students to excel not only in 8th, 9th and 10th but with futuristic vision of giving them the right platform to be an IITian, Doctor, IAS, lawyer, or an entrepreneur

Proper planning and implementation at the institute, timely feedback about the level of satisfaction from students and parents is the key factor which has helped PSC to reach at this position.

The talk of the modern educator is not to cutdown jungles, but to irrigate desserts study resources given by us to our students have been prepared by experienced and expert teachers. If includes best quality practice assignment with different type of question and new approach to give students a complete exposure of concepts.

Message to Parents

" Dear Parents, "

“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts”. We know that the aim of education is essentially the student learning. But surprisingly we rarely benchmark our efforts to measure student learning. We need to know how our children handle a difficult mathematics problem and how they analyze complex constructed response question in science. A successful life emerges out of strong and healthy competition and the competition is the only way to shake the lethargy.

We at “PSC Base maker” especially uplift the weak students by giving them extra time to correct their mistakes and encourage them to be a competitor for other students. We devote all our intellectual resources in developing theoretical and applied tools to measure and empower student learning. These all qualities will sure as invaluable tool for the continuous development of students”.

Thanking you, With warm regards, Pradeep Sahajwani Classes